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February 2014 Member of the Month: Jennifer Gardner

Member of the Month - Alaska - FebruaryJennifer: I have been a Body Renew member since they opened and have always enjoyed the gym but for as long as I can remember I have had a negative relationship with food and myself. Engaging in “quick fixes” and disordered eating to solve the problems never lasted long. Aware of the practices that constitute a healthy lifestyle, I struggled with committing to the practices of portion control, consistent food logs and calorie counting. When my sister was finally diagnosed with severe PCOS and insulin resistance, I realized that I had to do something to hopefully prevent myself from the weight related health problems that run in my family and I needed to find a way to make going to the gym more motivating and fun again.

With the help of Body Renew I was able to lose 30 pounds and keep it off as well as commit to those healthy changes. Six days a week in Leah’s boot camp classes helped me remember how much I love the class environment, got me back into weight training, and encouraged me to keep returning and training. Training with Chris has not only kept me accountable for being at the gym, which becomes easy to avoid when school starts, but has shown me just how much more my body and I am capable of. Their encouragement, refusal to let me quit and do less than my best, and their ability to push me past what I ever thought myself capable of or willing to do alone are the reasons I keep coming back. I have learned to love myself and be proud of my body and what it can do. I feel more empowered and in control, knowing that a bad day is not the end of the world. I am excited to have finally taken control of my life and even more excited to see where these changes will continue to take me.

January 2014 Member of the Month: Christine McCoy

Member of the Month - Alaska - January

I have always been a person who ate pretty healthy and tried to stay in ok shape, but after having my third child I noticed that my normal routine was not making a dent into my weight loss. I was not comfortable in my new body for many reasons which included self esteem, lack of energy to play with my kids, and just feeling lethargic. I knew I needed and wanted to make a positive change and so for the first time ever, I joined a gym. When I joined Body Renew, I initially thought I was going to simply use the treadmill and go to some classes. I decided to make the commitment to myself to really make a positive and lasting change when I signed up to get a trainer. I knew I needed the guidance as well as somebody to keep me honest in this lifestyle change.

Rebekah has been a fantastic motivator and teacher. I have learned so much about weight training, body resistance, endurance, food portion and nutrition. I figured out quickly that I was eating too large a portion and not enough small meals during the day. I also learned that my water intake had to increase. She has been great about helping me balance all this with the knowledge that I am still breast feeding, so calorie intake is important.

I have seen amazing results in just 6 months. I can’t believe I have lost 5.25 inches off my waist and 3.5 inches off my thigh! I wanted to fit in my pre-pregnancy pants and I not only fit in those but I am actually a size smaller than pre-pregnancy! While these statistics are exciting, it is the change in my self esteem, the increased energy I have to play with my kids and the healthier and happier outlook I now have day-to-day that makes me so happy that I joined Body Renew and have such a great trainer in Rebekah. I’m so excited to see and experience what the next 6 months have in store for me!

December 2013 Member of the Month: Teri Webster

Member of the Month - Alaska - December“I knew I needed to get serious and lose weight but I needed motivation. In March of 2012, my workplace held a “Biggest Loser” competition and I knew this was just what I needed to get started. Shortly after this, my workplace offered a free one hour a month nutrition coaching by phone for three months. I signed up and started learning how to eat properly. I learned all about the good and bad fats, the good and bad carbs and how they work in your body. I started eating right and started tracking my food using “My Fitness Pal” app, which showed me clearly the area I really needed to work on was reducing my sugar intake. I was amazed on how much sugar is in yogurt and milk! I now read labels on everything and compare products to find the healthiest choice. One year later, after losing 40 pounds, I reached a plateau and knew it was time to start exercising. I joined Body Renew and signed up with a trainer. Having a trainer gave me the education I needed about fitness and provided me with a huge variety of workouts so I wouldn’t get bored. I learned not to pay much attention to the scale but to the inches and the body fat. My trainer also provided the accountability I needed to get me to the gym. I love the results from working out and I thank my trainers for all the work they made me do. Eating healthy and exercise is now a way of life for me and I am looking forward to losing more weight and body fat with the help of Body Renew.”

November 2013 Member of the Month: Corina Hase

Member of the Month - Alaska - NovemberI’ve always been a yo-yo dieter and emotional eater.  If I was upset first place I went was to the kitchen to find comfort.  I joined Body Renew in March 2011 and was going regularly for about 6 months, but I wasn’t about to change my eating habits.  And after no real results I gave up and just quit coming.  Finally in October 2012 I realized I either had to cancel my membership or hire a trainer.  Someone I knew who could teach me about proper nutrition and exercise and would hold me accountable.  That’s when I met my trainer, Christian.  Right from the start he had confidence in me and saw potential when I never did myself.  I fought at first to listen to what he had to say about nutrition.  But he was very encouraging, yet held me accountable and slowly it started sinking in.  I finally got what he had been telling me when in my anger one night I chose to do push-ups instead of eating junk food and felt amazing afterwards!

I’m now at a point where I look forward to coming to the gym and miss it when I can’t make it.  Everybody here is so friendly and willing to help out if you have a question.  It’s the first gym I’ve ever felt like I truly belong to.

Thanks to Christian and the rest of Body Renew I’m stronger, more confident and setting and achieving goals in all aspects of my life.

October 2013 Member of the Month: Angie Blankenship

Member of the Month - Alaska - October

When I joined Body Renew, I thought it would just be somewhere to periodically use a treadmill. I had tried weight loss programs and gyms, but only had temporary success. Thankfully the staff encouraged me to make a commitment with a personal trainer. I truly had no idea what a difference it would make in my life.

When I begin working with Justin I had certain goals that I wanted to achieve, but I don’t think I really believed that I would reach them Not only have I achieved my original goals ( weight loss, strength more energy) but I’m excited to keep setting new goals

Thanks to Justin’s instruction, encouragement, and monitoring, I have made progress towards my fitness goals that enable me to do more, feel better, have more energy, and best of all, excitement for the future. Thanks Justin!

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