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January 2015 Member of the Month: Laci Jones

In August 2012 I realized it was time to make a change and start working out to become healthier. I signed up for Body Renew to work with a trainer and keep me motivated and driven to lose weight. At first I was a little discouraged and was not seeing results like I thought that I would be. Soon after the first month the weight began coming off, I started feeling better when seeing the results and was ready to kick butt. I was working full time, going to school not being able to eat right or make it to the gym. After working out with Whitney, setting a good meal plan counting my calories right as well that was enough motivation to get back on the horse. I started at 236 lbs and by December I was down to 219 lbs. Just in those few months that was a big change for me to finally start feeling good like I had overcome a hurdle, that feeling of a few pounds off made a difference. I felt confident, healthy, happy and determined. As time went on the weight kept coming off, but of course there is always a set back. I think had it not been for my driven trainer to motivate me , I do not think I would have made it this far. Whitney has shown me determination and dedication get you there, not saying NO, but always saying I can, I will and I am going too. There are no words for my appreciation for the she has given me to be where I am now at this weight and still losing. I am now 179.8 lbs and plan to compete in a figure competition October 2015, lean , strong and weighing 145 lbs. Thank you Body Renew, Thank you Whitney for not giving up on me, but helping me to achieve my goal weight.

December 2014 Member of the Month: Crystal Imperato

Trainer Testimonial: Crystal was one of my very first clients and I have been working with her for about a year and a half now and she has always worked hard and she has always done very well. Crystal lost a lot of weight when she first started with me from working out hard, but never took her nutrition seriously, so she plateaued and went a while without losing any weight. We constantly talked about the importance of nutrition and exercise and how they have be utilized together in a weight loss program. It took a while to get there but she finally told me one day that she was ready to change her diet. Since she changed her diet, her progress has been amazing!! She has broken her plateau, she reached her goal of weighing under 200 and she is still losing!!! I am very proud of her for finally making that big step and realizing what it takes to reach her goals and I know she is only going to keep losing and never stop being healthy.

November 2014 Member of the Month: Terestia Flores

Terestia: I consider working with Alexa a serendipitous match. When I started my weight loss journey it was all about getting healthy and physically fit. But as I reached goal after goal things changed. I discovered that there was more to be achieved. This journey then became about personal development, about growing physically, mentally and spiritually. Alexa understands me, my goals and has supported me every step of the way. I continue to learn and do things physically that I never thought I could do. I’m looking forward to growing and expanding more. There is no end, it’s a continuous improvement of self. Alexa: Since I have worked with Teresita, I have learned so much about growing together and sharing experiences for a better quality of life. She is truly an inspiration for anyone who knows her story. Her determination, motivation, and positive attitude are definitely contagious! I’ve seen her overcome leaps and bounds, reach many different goals, and strive to be a better person both inside and out. If I end up having a daughter someday, I would be more than grateful if she grows up to be even half the woman that Teresita is today. Keep up the amazing work!

October 2014 Member of the Month: Lisa Michelson

  Fitness has not always been a part of my life. When I embarked on a fitness path in the past I often found it frustrating and Member of the Month - Alaska - Oct14difficult to stick to a program. Many years ago as a young mother of two, I found that my commitment to fitness was diminishing. I always felt active as I kept up with the kids and advanced in my career, but in 2010 at 3000 feet above my home town of Palmer, I truly felt the weight of my unbalance lifestyle catching up with me. I had persevered through an emotionally and physically treacherous hike up Lazy Mountain. As I summited the not so lazy mountain I found a new perspective on my life. I was 44, the same age my mother was when she passed away, and I saw very clearly how my poor health was keeping me from enjoying life to the fullest. That day I made the decision to take control. I knew I wanted to change, I also knew I needed help to change. I found the support I was looking for through the personal training program at Body Renew. Training at Body Renew was different from other programs I had done before. I actually enjoyed what I was doing! I liked the challenge working with a trainer presented, and over time I found a social network at the gym. My journey through fitness is still not without its frustrations, however through hard work, a commitment to nutrition, and the support of my family, friends and my trainer, I am now seeing the results I have been looking for. Although I have not yet reached to my ultimate fitness goals, I truly feel amazing! Fitness was not always part of my past, but it will now always be a part of my future.

July 2014 Member of the Month: Lucia Orozco

Member of the Month - Alaska - July14

December 2013 I was heavier than I have ever been. Going out to eat at least 4 to 5 days a week after work, on the weekends and an occasional beer with no activity in my life was just slowing me down. Having two kids, working part time and being a full time college student, were just excuses to not get out and get fit. Alaska Club, Planet Fitness, and Body Renew tags all dangle side by side to my keys, but only one of those I do not regret paying monthly fees for, and it was for Body Renew. I was always a bit skeptical about signing up for yet another gym but there was just something about Body Renew that kept my curiosity going; results, testimonies and rock hard bodies. I told myself that enough was enough, and that there was no reason for how big I was getting. It wasn’t until my first 8 pounds shed that kept me motivated. Melanie pushed me harder than what I thought my limit was and I kept pushing harder and harder from that point on. She called me and texted me on the days that I did not want to go in. If I called in due to “soreness” or plain laziness, she would try to reschedule me that same day at a later time, or that same week so that I did not lose my session. Dedication, want, need, and results, was all that I needed to keep me going. Not to mention all of the awesome support I’ve received from the Body Renew staff. They kept me going too, by showing me their level of proudness; encouragement was a huge plus, especially coming from staff members. 41 pounds later, I am mentally and physically stronger and healthier. My success story will only continue to grow from this point on.

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