September 2014 Member of the Month: Mark Keller

  Member of the Month - Alaska - Sept14The past year has been a major year of change for me and Body Renew has been a vital part of this transition. Upon turning 50 I reviewed my health & fitness levels and knew I should be much healthier than I was. Throughout life I have been active but found weight training to be a negative experience, often ending up with a headache and little results. I have been a Body Renew member for some time but was not spending much time working out. When I began training with Chris that all changed. Each session was based on using proper form and challenging what I thought I was capable of. Chris certainly knew the routines to train me with but also had the wisdom to push me hard while building me up mentally. He spent time instructing me on proper diet and holding me accountable without making me feel like giving up. The atmosphere and the friendly staff made working out enjoyable and I soon found myself looking forward to weight training, which I had not thought possible. Along with the cardiovascular training, results came about and my health greatly improved. The physical change has been beyond what I had hoped for; I feel fantastic and a recent medical screening shows my health better than it has been in decades. When I started my Triglyceride level was over 300 which is way over normal but now it’s down to 179. With the encouragement of Chris and the approval of my doctor I went off the Triglyceride medication completely, started using Advocare products and lost an additional 11 lbs and 2.3% body fat. You can consider me “Body Renewed!”

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