October 2014 Member of the Month: Lisa Michelson

  Fitness has not always been a part of my life. When I embarked on a fitness path in the past I often found it frustrating and Member of the Month - Alaska - Oct14difficult to stick to a program. Many years ago as a young mother of two, I found that my commitment to fitness was diminishing. I always felt active as I kept up with the kids and advanced in my career, but in 2010 at 3000 feet above my home town of Palmer, I truly felt the weight of my unbalance lifestyle catching up with me. I had persevered through an emotionally and physically treacherous hike up Lazy Mountain. As I summited the not so lazy mountain I found a new perspective on my life. I was 44, the same age my mother was when she passed away, and I saw very clearly how my poor health was keeping me from enjoying life to the fullest. That day I made the decision to take control. I knew I wanted to change, I also knew I needed help to change. I found the support I was looking for through the personal training program at Body Renew. Training at Body Renew was different from other programs I had done before. I actually enjoyed what I was doing! I liked the challenge working with a trainer presented, and over time I found a social network at the gym. My journey through fitness is still not without its frustrations, however through hard work, a commitment to nutrition, and the support of my family, friends and my trainer, I am now seeing the results I have been looking for. Although I have not yet reached to my ultimate fitness goals, I truly feel amazing! Fitness was not always part of my past, but it will now always be a part of my future.

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