August 2015 Member of the Month: Alexander Mendoza

MOTM Alexander MendozaI have been training with body renew for a year now. I can truly say it has been a wonderful transformation. When I began, I had just finished physical therapy for knee reconstruction. I sought someplace to train, but even then, by myself I seldom went beyond comfort. I seemed to just sit there wondering what to do next. Not knowing really how to train, I knew I would eventually lose interest and just give up. With my doctors consent I sought further assistance. I remember when I started with my trainer; I could barely do 5 lunges, was overweight, and now at 47 felt tired most of the time do to inactivity. Well my trainer Pawel Przetocki was not excepting excuses. He did for me what I was unable to do for myself, motivate and encourage me to push on. With his help and expertise, I found renewed determination to leave the tiered and unhealthy person I use to be, and push on to a renewed body, strengthened and full of energy. It wasn’t easy at first but with the equipment and trainers at Body Renew I soon started to see improvement. Soon I was running again, hiking and feeling so much better about myself, which was the best part of it, the more confidence I gained the better I felt. My doctor was amazed, I had lost 45 lbs. gained muscle and my knee was no longer an issue. I hope to continue on this path and new life style that I have learned as a member of Body Renew.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Trainer Testimonial: It has been an absolute privilege to train Alexander over the past year. He maintains an endless positive attitude, and an enduring willingness to tackle any exercise, no matter how grueling. This new version of himself is enjoying much more energy and vitality, enabling him to live each day to the fullest

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