April 2014 Member of the Month: Charly Masters

Member of the Month - Alaska - AprilCharly: What an amazing journey I’ve been on. I started out with a goal of wanting to lose weight to be healthy now and for later in life. It took me a year to do my Jump Start from when I got my membership and in that year, like all my life and every girl’s life, my weight yo-yo’d and I tried everything out there to try to lose weight. From that first meeting with one of the Body Renew trainers I knew that they really cared for and wanted to see their clients succeed. She paired me up with Wyatt and he’s been amazing! From our first session he’s pushed me physically and mentally. When I didn’t have the confidence in myself to do something he did. When I’ve wanted to give up, he coached me through it mentally to keep me going and finish strong. When I hit a plateau, he didn’t wait to see if I could get over it, he immediately recognized it and helped me jump start my metabolism and keep dropping the weight. Along with all this, he’s kept me accountable checking in weekly with how I’ve been eating. He had me write down what I ate and when. Then he took the extra time to look at it and critic it and tell me where I needed to make adjustments. I’ve had a ton of fun training with Wyatt and I look forward to my weekly sessions with him. He truly is a fantastic trainer as well as genuine person who cares about his clients.

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