December 2014 Member of the Month: Crystal Imperato

Trainer Testimonial: Crystal was one of my very first clients and I have been working with her for about a year and a half now and she has always worked hard and she has always done very well. Crystal lost a lot of weight when she first started with me from working out hard, but never took her nutrition seriously, so she plateaued and went a while without losing any weight. We constantly talked about the importance of nutrition and exercise and how they have be utilized together in a weight loss program. It took a while to get there but she finally told me one day that she was ready to change her diet. Since she changed her diet, her progress has been amazing!! She has broken her plateau, she reached her goal of weighing under 200 and she is still losing!!! I am very proud of her for finally making that big step and realizing what it takes to reach her goals and I know she is only going to keep losing and never stop being healthy.

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