July 2014 Member of the Month: Lucia Orozco

Member of the Month - Alaska - July14

December 2013 I was heavier than I have ever been. Going out to eat at least 4 to 5 days a week after work, on the weekends and an occasional beer with no activity in my life was just slowing me down. Having two kids, working part time and being a full time college student, were just excuses to not get out and get fit. Alaska Club, Planet Fitness, and Body Renew tags all dangle side by side to my keys, but only one of those I do not regret paying monthly fees for, and it was for Body Renew. I was always a bit skeptical about signing up for yet another gym but there was just something about Body Renew that kept my curiosity going; results, testimonies and rock hard bodies. I told myself that enough was enough, and that there was no reason for how big I was getting. It wasn’t until my first 8 pounds shed that kept me motivated. Melanie pushed me harder than what I thought my limit was and I kept pushing harder and harder from that point on. She called me and texted me on the days that I did not want to go in. If I called in due to “soreness” or plain laziness, she would try to reschedule me that same day at a later time, or that same week so that I did not lose my session. Dedication, want, need, and results, was all that I needed to keep me going. Not to mention all of the awesome support I’ve received from the Body Renew staff. They kept me going too, by showing me their level of proudness; encouragement was a huge plus, especially coming from staff members. 41 pounds later, I am mentally and physically stronger and healthier. My success story will only continue to grow from this point on.

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