June 2015 Member of the Month: Scott Moore

When I started working on my transformation about 6 years ago, I had joint and back pain associated with everyday activities, and had a lot of weight to lose. When I couldn’t tolerate the discomfort anymore, I lost a lot of weight on a fad diet, but gained it back after losing my father to cancer and letting my emotions take over. I had ballooned to 280 pounds. I got back into training at Body Renew and made progress again, but got stuck on a plateau for months even though I wasn’t near my end goal. Solo pointed out to me that my nutrition needed some serious improvements, and I soon began the 72day challenge. To my amazement, I’ve busted through that plateau and barely recognize myself in the mirror. Words cannot express how great I feel now and how much I appreciate what Solo and the rest of the staff at Body Renew have done to support me in this journey.

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