November 2012 Member of the Month: Charles Ashcraft

I was out of shape AND overweight and I knew I had to do something about it. I drove around town and had passed up Body Renew several times before I got the courage to go in and talk to someone. The person I talked to was really friendly and cooperative; they seemed like the genuinely cared and understood my concerns. They asked me what my goals were, both short and long term, and wanted to know if I was truly 100% committed to this project of a new healthy life style. My trainer has been helpful and inspirational and has given me the support I need and much more. At one point I was beginning to lose motivation and was ready to “give up”. My trainer told me that was not an option and that I needed to push harder to achieve my goals. The facilities at Body Renew are top of the line and so is all of the staff here. Thank you Lena and Body Renew.

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