January 2013 Member of the Month: Sheri McIntire

I had been thinking about joining a gym for a long time. I was overweight and out of shape and tired of not being able to keep up with my son. I wanted to be strong and healthy again. I didn’t want a quick fix. I had friends that were doing the fad diets and the weight always came back. I wanted to eat real food and did not want to be on a diet. I was looking for a lifestyle change. I wanted someone to show me how to get strong, build my endurance and most important how to eat. I made the decision to join Body Renew and started with their personal training program. It was tough at first, I was so out of shape and just walking on the treadmill took a lot out of me. I started training three times a week plus getting into the gym another two times a week along with the commitment to change the way I fueled my body and slowly I achieved the goal I had set. I look forward to my training sessions because we never do the same thing, it is always different which is great because it certainly challenges me and keeps me motivated. I love the felling I have when I complete a tough session or class – strong! I now can keep up with my son. Sometimes he has trouble keeping up with me!

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