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Everything about BRS is focused on permanent weight loss. We use these 5 components to empower you with the tools for life-long success

1. Goal Setting
Setting progressive goals specific to weight loss is essential for success. What is your realistic timeline and PLAN for reaching your goals safely and effectively? Remember, it’s a lifestyle not a race. Body Renew will provide you with the accountability, education, and inspiration necessary to achieve and maintain your goal.

2. Body Fuel Education
You must eat nutritious food to lose weight healthfully. Don’t just guess how many calories you need each day to lose weight. Track and see exactly what you are eating each day while interacting with a real online trainer to achieve your results. Learn about the best fuel for your body for life-long success.

3. Metabolism Training
Your metabolism does not have to be your enemy in weight loss. A specific, active metabolism-training program will allow your body to progress and will push it in the right direction (i.e. toward your specific goals). Metabolism training will be a major key in unlocking your body’s fat-burning potential. Metabolism training is how you will keep the weight off for life.

4. Movement/Cardio
A weight-loss-specific plan for your cardiovascular exercise regimen will help you see continued benefit and help melt off excess body fat at the maximum safe and effective levels of which your body is capable. Movement/cardio allows your body to condition your heart and lungs while burning stored fat.

5. Weight Loss Professional
Teaming up with a weight-loss professional will give you the tools you need to live the best life you can live. Working with an educated professional who has experience helping people just like you will make your goals of weight loss a reality. We understand the fear that can prevent you from taking that first step. THE FEAR STOPS HERE!

See first-hand the results when these five powerful components are combined. Your level of success may vary.

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