Nutrition coaching

If you’ve ever tried a fad diet, or made an attempt to change your eating habits and been unsuccessful in the long-term (as is the case for over 70% of people who attempt to lose weight), then nutrition coaching is the answer for you.*
Body Renew has developed a comprehensive tool that has proven invaluable to the countless clients who have successfully made lasting lifestyle changes with our help.*
The tool? Body Renew Solutions.
We have taken the most consistently successful weight loss behaviors (self-monitoring strategies such as weighing oneself, planning meals, tracking fat and calories, exercising 30 or more minutes daily, and/or adding physical activity to daily routine – Kruger et al, 2006) and applied a layer of accountability that removes barriers to weight loss which commonly thwart the aspiring ‘loser'(being too tired, having no one with whom to exercise, finding it too hard to maintain an exercise routine – Kruger et al, 2006). With Body Renew Solutions, you’ll use our huge database of over 10,000 different foods (or add your own, including those home-cooked favorites!) to effectively track your nutrition intake and help to establish regular eating patterns, both critical to losing weight and maintaining that loss.* If you’re working with one of our Fit Pro’s, they will always be there, reviewing your eating habits and helping you analyse your diet to help you learn to make the best choices for your health and for your weight loss (or gain) goal! In addition to this powerful nutrition tracking tool, we’ve added an exercise journal component, which can also be reviewed by your fit pro. Neither of those are the most powerful element of this tool, though. The most important component is communicating with your fit pro; they won’t accept excuses and will give you someone to work out with while continuing to keep your workouts fun, new, and challenging!!!

* The results described are not typical and will vary based on a variety of factors.

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